Bill Colt: Mixed Media Artist

Hello…My name is Bill Colt, and welcome to my website.

I am a mixed media acrylic painter. I have a unique style that I’ve developed over the years, using different materials that I think makes my paintings interesting…and for lack of a better word, fun. I first create texture on the canvas using joint compound and strips of raw canvas. I then apply collage, using mostly retro 1950’s magazines, comic books, engineering manuals, tourist brochures, among other things, that I find in antique or used book stores. If you look closely at my paintings, you’ll see bits and pieces of this collage that give my work an underlying “graffiti” dimension. I also use bright, vibrant colors, and high gloss varnish which further enhances the color. All my paintings are on heavy duty, one and a half inch deep canvas. The edges are also collaged and painted in my style; so there’s no need for framing.

I majored in art at the University of Virginia, and later studied graphic art at Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI.  For many years, I worked as a pilot; flight instructor, commuter captain, and most recently as a corporate pilot for several companies in Charlotte. I live in Monroe, North Carolina with my wife, Melody, and we have two grown daughters, Kelsey and Judith.


I am currently represented by three great galleries: the Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona, the Tracy Miller Gallery in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the A.T. Hun Gallery in Savannah, GA. I’m also the unofficial “large cow” painter for DelFrisco Grilles, with locations throughout the U.S. Besides commercial sales, I also donate paintings annually to local charities for auction; the Red Cross, Union Academy, and the Union County Shelter, among others.

Besides the work that is available here on the website, I’m always happy to do commission work.

If you have any questions, or if you’re interested in a commission or an existing work, here is my contact info:

Bill Colt


(704) 996-4095

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